Although setting up a Tower Farm is a straightforward process that can be easily performed by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer, Agrotonomy provides free on-site assembly supervision and training services (for Tower Farms featuring at least 100 towers).

Having set up Tower Farms on five continents and in over 30 countries, we know from experience that with each project, our presence on location plays an instrumental factor in a successful launch and a bountiful first harvest.

Aside from sharing numerous tips and tricks for the assembly process, we configure the automated irrigation and nutrient dosing system and offer on-site training services.

When buying a Tower Farm featuring a minimum of 100 towers, we offer 2 free days of Tower Farm installation supervision and staff training on location (smaller Tower Farm can request such on-site service by contracting our consultation services).

More than just a state-of-the-art food growing system, the Tower Farms we sell come with our expertise and ongoing support.

Running a Tower Farm does not require previous agriculture-related experience. There is no such thing as “having a green thumb.” It does not matter if someone has experience growing plants or not since a Tower Farm fully automated aeroponic system is extremely user-friendly. From seedling to harvest, there is no need to hire an agronomist or a horticulturist: the process is genuinely straightforward.

Agrotonomy’s mission is to promote Tower Farms and Tower Garden’s brands worldwide. Our commitment to our clientele includes on-site assembly supervision and training services.

We also offer greenhouse and ongoing project development consultation services.

Agrotonomy Corporation has pioneered Tower Garden technology around the world and set up the first commercial vertical aeroponic Tower Farms in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, and Australia… aside from that, we have set up numerous Tower Farms in the USA, Canada, and in the West Indies.

Of course, we sell Tower Farms and Tower Garden worldwide; however, more than a sales team, we are first and foremost experienced tower farmers (with a strong background in conventional farming): We will be there to support you with your Tower Farm project whether in person on location, or remotely!!

The videos below are a few examples of different Tower Farms around the world where Agrotonomy went on location to set up: