The below data expressed is accurate and privately documented through actual production numbers of several commercial Tower Farms®in the USA.

Aeroponic production figures are most dramatically impacted or slowed down by lack of light and cold weather. Both challenges can be eliminated utilizing CEG a.k.a. Controlled Environment Greenhouse.

A. Basic outline for optimal aeroponic growing conditions in a Controlled Environment Greenhouse:

  • Good, unobstructed, year-round, full sun
  • 16-18 °C (60-65 °F) night temperature (depending on crop)
  • 24-35 °C (75-95 °F) day temperature
  • Dry climate
  • Quality greenhouse with proper air circulation
  • Keeping greenhouse glazing clean so the sun is not obstructed
  • Good horticulture practices
  • Quality pest management
  • Tower Farms technology at standard spacing
  • Tower Farms fertilizer
  • Maintaining the proper fertilizer dosing and pH
  • Healthy transplant 14 to 28 days old
  • Quality commercial grade seed is utilized

B. If all components listed above are provided, the following production rates can be easily achieved based on lettuces, leafy greens, and aromatic herbs:

• Baby greens – baby greens can be harvested at approximately 14 days

• Mature-living produce – mature-living produce can be harvested at approximately 28 days or less; down to 18 to 21 days for some crops like basil

• Living Produce utilizing the propagation step up method – 98-cell rockwool at normal transplant time is separated into a 40-cell spacer tray to grow out further for about 1 to 3 weeks depending on the crop variety; most mature living produce can be harvested in 14 to 21 days

• Fresh cut produce – once established, fresh cut produce can be re-harvested from each plant site on average about every 7 days

The microgreens tower (16 slots instead of 4) is a Tower Garden and will perform just like the larger space Tower Garden unless plants encroach on each other and block light.  This means small herbs, green onion, chives, etc. all perform the same as long as you keep up with harvesting. In fact, in some cases they may even perform better as light is always passing in between the towers because you will never produce full heads like a regular tower.

The above information was provided to us by Mr. Tim Blank, the inventor and developer of Tower Garden technology.