We are the distributors/resellers of Tower Garden technology in the UK:

At Agrotonomy Corp., we were the first company to set up a Tower Farm in Europe back in 2015. Since then, we have set up Tower Farms worldwide from Europe to the Middle East, from Asia to Canada, and from Africa to South America. We have set up Tower Farms using Tower Garden technology on four continents.

Whether you live in England, in Northern Ireland, in Wales, or Scotland, wherever you are located in the UK, Tower Garden for home-use is available for immediate delivery! Tower Garden can be used indoors or outdoors: regardless of how cold it gets in the winter, Tower Garden can thrive indoors with its clever low energy led-light-kit. For more information, I invite you to click on the following link (scroll to the bottom of the page to access all the Tower Garden FAQs): https://agrotonomy.com/residential/

Prices are as follows (includes shipping via DHL and VAT):

Tower Garden®️ Growing System:
1 EU Tower Garden Unit
1 Growing Kit (Rockwool, Vermiculite, 20 netpots)
1 Pump
1 pH Test Kit
1 pH set up & down
1 Mineral blend set A & B 250 ml
1 Seed kit
1 Manual
1 Timer
Total: £ 569.00

LED Indoor Grow Light Kit:
1 Main unit with a built-in timer
4 LED Light Fixtures
1 Conduit Power Organizer

It is truly a ready to use fully inclusive food growing system. Contrary to other home-use gardening hydroponic equipment systems, Tower Garden aeroponic technology is not a toy. Most are hydroponic and aeroponic systems which have been designed for the residential market, the Tower Garden has been adapted from commercial-grade equipment

You will love your daily harvests: more than just a ‘revolutionary’ gardening tool, in my case, not only Tower Garden brought an upgrade to my health, but it also completely changed my lifestyle!

Your Tower Garden equipment will be shipped via DHL express from our warehouse in Germany.

Tower Garden delivery to the UK takes between 3 and 5 business days.

Businesses can order The Tower Garden and its accessories without VAT as long as such business can provide a European VAT number.

Whether shipping to London in England, Belfast in Ireland, Cardiff in Wales, or Edinburg in Scotland, wherever you are located in the UK, when buying your Tower Garden through Agrotonomy, you will receive our ongoing support. We are the most experienced Tower Garden technology company in Europe. We were the first company to bring Tower Garden technology to Europe.

When buying the Tower Garden aeroponic system for home-use in the UK, we strongly advise that you purchase the led light kit as well.

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We are looking forward to sharing Tower Garden growing tips with you… By the way, we are also the publishers of “Getting the most out of your aeroponic tower” e-book.

Last but not least, we are the team behind Towers without Borders Inc., an NGO specialized in setting up medium-sized Tower Farms ( 50 to 100 towers) for orphanages around the world. Aside from orphanages, we support charity projects helping children of human trafficking and slavery. We thank you in advance for supporting our efforts.