At Agrotonomy, we are currently testing organic nutrients in our towers and we can now forecast excellent results!

We are talking about organic liquid fertilizers suitable for hydroponics and aeroponics: basically, the A mineral nutrients are being replaced by a concentrated liquid organic vermicompost nutrients formula, and our B mineral nutrients are being substituted by organic liquid humic acid!

We are currently running our tests with a wide variety of crops. We are even doing comparative tests with our current 100% natural ionic mineral blend solution. Do we believe that organic fertilizers are better than Tower Garden/Tower Farm current mineral nutrient solution? Absolutely not! You cannot make a nutrient mix more natural, more versatile, more efficient than the current one manufactured for Tower Garden/Tower Farm!

The problem with the current mineral blend is that minerals are inorganic by nature and although as natural as anything organic, they cannot be labeled “organic” in the US nor “bio” in Europe.

Close to 99% of all consumers believe that “organic” is only synonym to “chemical pesticide free/ 100% natural/non-GMO/naturally grown”. They are partially right. However, “organic” technically refers to a carbon-based matter which is biologically in the process of decomposition. Throughout such biological process, the physical breakdown of complex organic molecules occurs converting into all the micronutrients, macronutrients and trace elements needed for plants to grow.

In other terms, the labels “organic” or “bio” refers more to a biological definition than a chemical free/natural connotation. However, this is how this label has grown as a general perception. The most natural sea salt used in organic cooking cannot be labeled as organic! Sea salt is a mineral and by definition inorganic!

Tower Farmers refer to their crops as to be “beyond organic”. In fact, crops grown on aeroponic towers by Tower Garden use 95% less water, 90% less space, and 90% less organic pesticides than their counterparts grown in an organic farm: when a Tower Farm needs to address problems of pests or fungi, like with soil-based organic farming, Tower Farms use organic pesticides/fungicides. However, considering that the crops grown with Tower Garden technology are off the ground and feature a higher nutrients & antioxidants density and therefore have a stronger natural defense mechanism, Tower Farms are not as prone to pests problems as conventional organic farms.

Although the crops grown on an aeroponic tower by Tower Garden are as natural and more eco-friendly than those grown organically, they cannot be labeled commercially as “organic” as long as rockwool is used as a medium and a mineral blend solution is used for fertilizers.

This is why, inspired by the success of our partners at True Garden, we have switched over to organic coco coir and we are actively seeking an organic liquid nutrient solution for Tower Farms. In other terms, by using organic seeds, and organic medium and organic nutrients, although grown aeroponically, our crops will be able to be sold as organic. And this time, rather than just referring to them as to be beyond organic, considering that we will be eligible to have the organic label, we will call ourselves “the next generation of organic crops”!

Although too premature to make any statement, we are still very excited about the development of our current tests…. all our tests are being documented and filmed…. we will be keeping you updated: to be continued!