Custom LED Light Installation for Indoor Commercial Aeroponic Towers


Step-by-step innovative LED Light Mounting for Tower Farms, a concise instructional manual written by Mr. David Bane from 5 Points Farm, Florida.

Overcome challenges of mounting LED lights in spaces with high ceilings using his custom design. This installation guide, provides blueprints and CAD files for replicating the system. Read more below.

Considering the proprietary information reflected in this downloadable file, no refund can be accepted.


Preview of E-book

5 Points Farm is the beacon of small urban aeroponic Tower Farms operating indoors with LED lights.

Located in Florida, 5 Points Farm is a repurposed garage that has been converted into an indoor Tower Farm.

The LED lights used at 5 Points Farm are sold by the Tower Farms manufacturer using Tower GardenĀ® technology.

These lights are mounted on goosenecks that need to be either bolted into the ceiling or into a beam built at the right height to accommodate the light fixtures.

Considering that the ceiling of 5 Points Farm was too high and that installing beams was not an option due to the construction of the building, the owner, Mr. David Bane, who is a talented mechanical engineer, decided to custom design an ingenious way to mount these LED lights on the towers.

After publishing a couple of videos of 5 Points Farm on our social media platforms, due to the overwhelming feedback we received from numerous individuals, Agrotonomy partnered with Mr. David Bane to publish the blueprint of his light mounting system (including CAD files).

Please note that the manufacturer of Tower Farms does not endorse this publication and that it is a custom installation conceptualized and executed by 5 Points Farm.