Getting the most out of your aeroponic tower


This e-book provides a wealth of advice allowing you to enhance and optimize your crop yield!

We do not address every crop which can be grown on your aeroponic tower. This e-book is just pertinent to those plants for which we feel that our experience can bring an added value to your tower gardening experience.

Your tower came with an instruction manual that gives comprehensive information to grow most crops, however, through trial and error, we have found better ways or different ways to handle quite a few different produce….


Preview of E-book

At Agrotonomy, we have perfected our farming experience specializing in growing up to 150 different crops per year.

This e-book is about sharing with you our input based on our years of experience using Tower Garden technology on four continents indoors and outdoors. 

We are speaking about ‘do’s and don’ts’ and ‘tips and tricks’ that we wish we could have known about when we started using aeroponic towers. 

If a crop that you are interested to grow is missing from this publication, it probably means that we felt that no special advice was necessary in addition to the instructions given by the manufacturer.

100% of the revenue resulting from the sales of our e-books is allocated towards our food donation programs and charity work.


1. What is the price of this e-book?

The price of this a book is $29.

100% of the revenue resulting from the sales of our e-books is allocated towards our food donation programs and charity work.

2. Does this e-book contain a section about marijuana?

No, this e-book does not feature a chapter about marijuana. However, you will find  several articles on growing marijuana using Tower Garden technology. For example, we advise you to read this comprehensive article featuring access to several videos as well: Click Here.

It is important to mention that although our entire team is 100% in favor of legalizing marijuana worldwide, we advise growing cannabis only in jurisdictions where it is legal to do so.

We feel distraught by the hypocrisy behind legislations prohibiting such godly crop, however, in spite of our disgust for anyone lobbying against legalizing cannabis, we are big advocates of following the law wherever/whenever in place.

It is our democratic right to be in favor of legalizing cannabis, but it is our civil duty to respect the law and to advise our readers to the same. The content of this e-book is not in any way meant to lead anyone to break the law in any jurisdiction regardless of country location.

However, if you are in a legal position to grow cannabis on an aeroponic tower, you can expect effortless abundant harvests, increased cannabinoids, and a fun rewarding plant growing experience!

3. In which format will I receive my e-book?

You will receive your e-book as an encrypted PDF file. We thank you in advance for not sharing it with friends and family and to encourage other tower owners to get their own copy in an effort to support Agrotonomy’s charity work.

4. What is the e-book table of contents and how many pages does it have?

“Getting the most out of your aeroponic tower” e-book features 142 pages.

The table of content is as follows:


Chapter 1: Leafy Greens & Herbs

Chapter 2: Arugula

Chapter 3: Bok Choy

Chapter 4: Celery

Chapter 5: Chard

Chapter 6: Collard Greens

Chapter 7: Kale

Chapter 8: Spinach

Chapter 9: Aromatic Herbs

Chapter 10: Basil

Chapter 11: Cilantro (Coriander)

Chapter 12: Parsley

Chapter 13: Dill

Chapter 14: Mint

Chapter 15: Thyme

Chapter 16: Mustard Greens

Chapter 17: Eggplants

Chapter 18: Peppers

Chapter 19: Tomatoes

Chapter 20: Brussels Sprouts

Chapter 21: Broccoli

Chapter 22: Cabbage

Chapter 23: Cauliflower

Chapter 24: Kohlrabi

Chapter 25: Beans

Chapter 26: Fennel

Chapter 27: Corn

Chapter 28: Okra

Chapter 29: Radishes

Chapter 30: Cucumbers

Chapter 31: Zucchini/Courgette/Marrow

Chapter 32: Squash

Chapter 33: Loofah Sponges

Chapter 34: Gourds

Chapter 35: Strawberries

Chapter 36: Melons & Watermelons

Chapter 37: Edible & Ornamental Flowers

Chapter 38: Rockwool

Chapter 39: Coco Coir

Chapter 40: Cleaning towers & pumps

Chapter 41: DWC (Deep Water Culture)

Chapter 42: Electroconductivity a.k.a. EC

Chapter 43: Insecticides & Fungicides

Chapter 44: Pollination Assistance

Chapter 45: Tower To Plate – Recipes