Vertical Farming with Aeroponics


This e-book is the most comprehensive and complete publication ever published about Tower Farms.

We are the partners of True Garden in Arizona. Together, we have set up Tower Farms indoors and outdoors in the USA, in Europe, in the Middle East, in Africa, and in Southeast Asia.

This e-book covers it all: rate options, technical specs, shipping, MOQ, reseller information, water & electricity consumption, space allocation, nutrients quality & usage, labor involved, crop yield,  system installation, training, irrigation system, greenhouse specifications, export forms etc.

This e-book is so informative that we sometimes refer to it with humor as the ‘Wikipedia-of-Aeroponic-Farming’!

It is a must have for anyone considering setting up an aeroponic Tower Farm.


Preview of E-book


1. What is the price of this e-book?
Tower Farms e-book costs $39. 

 Such amount is deductible from the purchase of your Tower Farm!

100% of the revenue resulting from the sales of our e-books is allocated towards our food donation programs and charity work.

2. In which format will I receive my e-book?

You will receive your e-book as an encrypted PDF file. 

3. What is the e-book table of contents and how many pages does it have?

Preface 3

Chapter 1: Tower Farm = No previous farming experience required!

Chapter 2: Setting up a Tower Farm outdoors, indoors, or in a greenhouse?

Chapter 3: What is the average cost of a Tower Farm?

Chapter 4: How many towers fit in a container?

Chapter 5: What is the difference between a regular aeroponic Tower Garden and the microgreens (baby greens) Tower Garden?

Chapter 6: What Tower Garden® size is right for my Tower Farm?

Chapter 7: Purity of the nutrients used for Tower Garden® and Tower Farms

Chapter 8: What is the Tower Garden made from?

Chapter 9: The pros and cons of a Tower Farm featuring only 10 Towers

Chapter 10: Focus on leafy greens and herbs

Chapter 11: Harvests rotations for leafy greens & herbs

Chapter 12: Crop Yield of a Tower Farm

Chapter 13: Growing strawberries commercially in a Tower Farm

Chapter 14: Growing tomatoes commercially in a Tower Farm

Chapter 15: Seedlings

Chapter 16: Rockwool

Chapter 17: Message to organic farming & permaculture a}cionados

Chapter 18: Water Consumption

Chapter 19: Electrical Consumption

Chapter 20: Artificial light requirements for indoor Tower Farm

Chapter 21: How does a Tower Farm automated irrigation system work?

Chapter 22: What is the labor involved to run a Tower Farm?

Chapter 23: Training and support

Chapter 24: MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

Chapter 25: Can I purchase just 1 or 2 towers for testing purposes?

Chapter 26: Requirement for becoming a Tower Farm reseller

Chapter 27: Tower Farm layouts

Chapter 28: Tower Farm Operator Manual

Chapter 29: Import/export forms