Check out the video below where we show you the propagation process for growing cilantro on an aeroponic tower from seed to harvest without the use of soil, allowing you to grow up to 52 plants per square meter. Let’s get going!

Firstly, you need to soak your agricultural rock wool for 20 minutes in water. Rock wool is a grow medium made from basalt rock that allows for a soilless germination. We recommend to mix a tablespoon of organic horticultural soap in the water when soaking the rock wool as the potassium salts of fatty acids found in horticultural soap will prevent insects from wanting to eat your seedlings once they germinate.

Once your rock wool has soaked for 20 minutes, put 8 cilantro seeds in each hole, there are 98 holes per tray. We have found that 8 seeds per hole is the ideal amount of cilantro seeds in order to achieve a nice bunch of cilantro.

After your seed have been placed in the holes, you should proceed to add vermiculite on top of each hole. Vermiculite is made from a mineral and helps with propagation process. It has the ability to retain considerable amounts of water while maintaining a perfect air to water ratio.

Afterwards, we always label our seedlings for reference, this is useful to keep track of what has been planted.

Make sure to water your seedlings twice a day if growing outdoors. After 1 week of watering your seedlings twice a day, your cilantro seedlings will have germinated. After a couple weeks your seedlings will be ready for transplanting onto the aeroponic tower garden. To plant them on the Tower Garden, use the compatible grow clip to transplant the seedling in the tower.

After 1 Month of growing on the aeroponic tower you will be able to harvest your cilantro plants from your aeroponic tower.