Tower Garden’s aeroponic revolutionary farming technique allows you to harvest up to 52 plants per square meter without the necessity for soil.

Today, we are going to demonstrate our propagation strategy for growing soilless lettuce on an aeroponic tower.

To get started, soak your agricultural rockwool in water for 20 minutes until it is completely saturated.

Rockwool is a soilless substrate that was made from a salt rock which comes from the lava of volcanoes. This substrate is regularly used in hydroponics and aeroponics.

After your rockwool has soaked, now, place one lettuce seed per hole. There are 98 holes per tray. It is essential to know that if you put more than one seed per hole, it will overcrowd the growing ports and you will get inferior yields. It does not matter if you are growing romaine, batavia, oakleaf, salanova, lola, or iceberg lettuce.

Always put one seed per hole when cultivating fully grown lettuce. After placing 98 seeds, it is now time to place the vermiculite on top of each hole. A vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that is ideal for the germination process and provides the perfect water to air ratio.

Next, we are going to label our tray to easily identify the seedlings once they are germinated.

Lastly, when growing outdoors, water the seedlings twice a day for optimal results within two weeks. Your seeds will have germinated and the seedlings will be ready transplanting on the aeroponic tower.

It then only takes one month of growth until you can harvest your aeroponic lettuce.

It is to be taken into account that the timing involved for propagation may vary depending on the lettuce variety.

When someone becomes a customer of Agrotonomy, after buying a Tower Garden for domestic use or a commercial Tower Farm, we share all tips and tricks with our clientele when it comes to the whole propagation process according to each crop.