At Agrotonomy Tower Farms, we’re committed to sustainable agriculture practices. Our approach to pest management is rooted in using natural solutions that are consistent with organic farming and gardening principles.

Occasionally, when necessary, we use Pyrethrin:

Pyrethrin is a natural insecticide that is derived from the flowers of chrysanthemum plants. It is one of the oldest and safest insecticides that have been used for centuries to control a wide range of insects, including mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, and other pests. Pyrethrin works by attacking the nervous system of insects, which leads to paralysis and death.

One of the most significant benefits of pyrethrin is its low toxicity to humans and pets. It is considered safe for use in food processing plants and other sensitive areas, such as hospitals and schools. Pyrethrin is also safe for use on fruits and vegetables, making it an ideal insecticide for organic farming.

Pyrethrin is available in many forms, including sprays, dusts, and foggers. It is easy to use and can be applied directly to plants or surfaces where insects are present.

It is also effective against many insect species, making it a versatile insecticide.

Pyrethrin is a natural and safe insecticide derived from chrysanthemum flowers.

Another advantage of pyrethrin is that it is biodegradable, meaning that it breaks down naturally over time. This makes it an environmentally friendly alternative to many synthetic insecticides that can persist in the environment for years.

Despite its many benefits, pyrethrin is not without its drawbacks. One of the main limitations of pyrethrin is that it has a relatively short residual effect. This means that it does not provide long-term protection against insects and may require repeated applications to maintain its effectiveness.

Another challenge with pyrethrin is the development of insect resistance. Insects can develop resistance to pyrethrin over time, which reduces its effectiveness. To address this matter, it is recommended to rotate the use of pyrethrin with other insecticides to prevent the development of resistance.

Pyrethrin is a safe and effective natural insecticide that has been used for centuries. Its low toxicity to humans and pets, biodegradability, and versatility make it an excellent alternative to many synthetic insecticides. However, its short residual effect and the development of insect resistance are two potential limitations that should be considered when using pyrethrin for insect control.

Overall, pyrethrin is a valuable tool in the fight against insects and a critical component of integrated pest management programs.

Agrotonomy recommends using Pyrethrin Concentrate from Southern AG.