Here is a recap of what we grew in our vertical farm on aeroponic Tower Gardens this year:

Starting with veggies, we grew several types of cherry tomatoes including orange, yellow, and white cherry tomatoes.

When it comes to peppers, we grew habaneros, peri peri, bird-eyed chilis, bell peppers, carolina reaper peppers, and long yellow spicy peppers.

In the cucurbits vegetable family, we cultivated white Japanese cucumbers, marketmore cucumbers, and unagi cucumbers. Another cucurbit that we planted was kiwanos which have a really peculiar appearance and a unique flavor.

We also cultivated traditional watermelons and yellow melons.

When it comes to zucchinis, we grew different types of round zucchinis and traditional zucchinis such as noche, fleur de zucchinis, yellow zucchinis, and striped Italian zucchinis. We even left some of our zucchinis overgrow into marrows.

In the brassica vegetable family, we grew cabbages including standard round cabbages and coned cabbages. We planted green bok choy as well as white bok choy. We grew a brassica vegetable known as kohlrabi which is super crunchy and has a delicious flavor. They come in three different colors: green, purple, and white. We also grew arugula, kale, watercress, and mustard greens which are brassicas as well.

Moving onwards, we also grew purple beans and fennel which produced humongous huge structures.

To attract essential pollinators and beneficial insects, we planted edible flowers including these giant yellow marigold flowers as well as different types of zinnias.

We grew different varieties of basil including nufar basil, genovese basil, and thai basil.

We grew dozens of varieties of lettuces. We always have towers full of cilantro and parsley.

In the video below that we published on our social media accounts a few weeks ago, we show only a partial amount of the crops we really grew:

We also invite you to watch the following YouTube video that we published last year titled, What Grows Well in a Tower Garden: