Rockwool for agriculture is often confused with rockwool for insulation or even fiberglass.

Rockwool for insulation or fiberglass can be detrimental to one’s health when handled without a protection mask. In fact, the little particles of rockwool or fiberglass can irreversibly damage the respiratory system. 

Rockwool for agriculture is compacted differently and is used after being soaked and therefore does not present a health risk. In other terms, although we recommend to handle rockwool with gloves, contrary to general perception, it is a safe material.

Rockwool is used in the world of hydroponics and aeroponics extensively since it features a neutral pH and allows the perfect ratio for water and air.

However, although natural, rockwool  does not break down nor can be composted like coco coir.

A True Garden in Arizona,  rockwool  has been completely replaced by organic coco coir. Contrary to rockwool, coco coir is fully compostable. In other terms, seedling can be prepared for the Tower Garden and for the soil.

Coco coir also has a neutral pH and offers the ideal environment for the perfect ratio between water and air.

It can be handled without the use of gloves and mask, it is truly a noble material.

True Garden, our partner Tower Farm in Arizona, offers a wide variety of seedlings which can be ordered online.

Furthermore, True Garden offers great YouTube videos in regards to seedlings.