Our modern vertical farming method makes it possible for us to grow up to 52 mint plants in just one square meter without the use of soil.

Growing soil-free mint on the aeroponic towers starts with agricultural rockwool, which comes from the most common type of volcanic rock called basalt. We soak the rockwool in water for about 20 minutes to make sure it is fully wet. This step gives the seeds the moisture they need to grow and be healthy.

Once the rockwool is completely soaked, we carefully put seven mint seeds into each hole of the tray. Each tray has 98 holes. It is important not to put more than seven seeds in each hole because mint has an invasive root system that needs enough space.

To help the seeds grow well, we put vermiculite on top of each hole. Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that provides the perfect water-to-air ratio for optimal growth of the seedlings. We then label the tray to easily identify each seedling once germinated.

When growing mint outdoors, the seedlings should be watered twice a day. This gives them all the nutrients and water they need to grow strong. It usually takes about two weeks for the mint to germinate and become ready for transplanting to the aeroponic towers.

After we transplant the mint, it takes about six weeks for it to become fully mature and ready for harvest.

Mint is a common flavor in gums, candies, and toothpaste as it creates a cool sensation in the mouth and brings out an amazing scent. It also offers a lot of health benefits and adds flavor to various dishes.

Through our innovative vertical farming system, we are able to grow crops in a nature-friendly way. The video below features how we grow soilless mint: