Shanghai Dehuan Industry Co., Ltd. aka is a SCAM. BEWARE!!!

They are using Tower Garden’s name illegally. They also stole photos of existing Tower Farms and of Tower Garden’s website which they are publishing illegally on pretending they have our Tower Gardens for sale…. They are calculated thieves! It is a scam! They not have anything to do with Tower Garden nor Tower Farm from Juice Plus Company.

When trying to confront the management of, regardless of a repeated attempts to contact their management (using a Chinese associate located in China to call), no one was available for comments.

Hey! Take down Tower Garden’s name and photos from your website! Stop defrauding farmers and gardeners!

You are the embodiment of Chinese scammers spreading a Beijing’ sewers smell upon your country’s reputation! Get lost! China deserves better!

We are contacting as well as Google AdWords copyright infringement department to ensure that legal action is taken.

Mathias Levarek
Agrotonomy Corporation.

Fake Tower Garden Scam Alert – Beware – Watch Video:
Fake Tower Garden from China & India
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Screenshot of Shanghai Dehuan Industry’s Website