Over the years, we have tried many different pumps that were manufactured in the USA, Japan, Korea, China, Germany, and France, and we always have had problems mainly in regard to the longevity of the equipment. Finally, we discovered a company in Italy which manufactures the best pumps ever made!

Most pumps work for a couple of years and start showing serious wear-and-tear signs thereafter. Older pumps make noise and stop working for a multitude of reasons.

We have been using SICCE for the last five years and their pumps are not only the most silent available on the marketplace, but they are also the most robust available in our industry. They don’t make noise, and just don’t break! They are really the best pumps!

Whether you are involved in conventional hydroponics, high-tech vertical farming, or use a pump in a pond or just an aquarium, we recommend SICCE pumps.

Where most pump manufacturers offer just one year of warranty, SICCE is so confident with the quality of their products that they are the only company in the world offering a 3-year warranty.

We do not have any vested financial interest in promoting SICCE pumps. People are asking us constantly for advice for their pumps, and this is why we have decided to publish this blog post.