Most vertical farming projects around the world are made of stackable microgreens/baby greens trays, growing indoors, 100% LED lights dependent.

Although we offer a LED light kit for our commercial towers (2.5 m/44 plants) for growing indoors, one of the great advantages of a Tower Farm is that it can also be set up in a greenhouse and benefit from natural light.

An aeroponic Tower Farm using Tower Garden technology is the only commercial vertical farming system that can be used outdoors, indoors with led lights, or in a greenhouse.

Although our aeroponic towers take less than 1m² meter in space, when designing a greenhouse, we recommend allocating 2m² per tower, including aisle space, packing area, propagation tables for seedlings, cleaning station, cold room, and buffer room.

In other words, in a 1000 m² greenhouse, we suggest operating with a fully automated Tower Farm system featuring 500 aeroponic towers.

Aside from saving up to 95% water compared to soil farming, considering that a Tower Farm is a vertical farming system, it saves on average 75% to 90% space compared to conventional NFT hydroponic horizontal/flat systems.

Space savings translates into lesser overhead costs. It is obviously more expensive to run a 1,000m² greenhouse than a 5,000m² facility.

Aside from a lesser overhead, saving space means a reduced energy footprint, accentuating Tower Farm’s eco-friendliness message.

Space savings also means operating within city limits, circumventing the food distribution chain by delivering freshly harvested nutrient-dense crops directly from the farm to the customer.

Agrotonomy has set up Tower Farms on five continents. We develop vertical farming project solutions worldwide, allowing us to contribute to redefining the food supply chain through autonomous farming systems.

Although we do not consider what we do as “the solution,” we know we are part of “the solution”!

We are making the world a better place, one Tower Farm at a time!