We came to Dubai over the first week of March 2019, to exhibit at the AgraME (best agricultural tradeshow of the Arab world) to promote the fully automated aeroponic commercial Tower Farm systems by Tower Garden® .

We would like to thank the organizers of AgraME for a “show well done”! Wow! What an organization! What a success!

Although we were surprised that it was a smaller business venue than what we had originally envisioned in terms of the amount of exhibitors, there was at all time an international crowd of qualified visitors for 3 consecutive days ranking the AgraME as the most fruitful tradeshow we experienced “in the region”!

We would like to give a special thank to the Emiratis who welcomed us with such great hospitality. We will come back later this year to the UAE to consult on urban farm development projects and to launch Tower Farms from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, and from Sarjah to Al Ain.

Once again, thank you Dubai and its vibrant international crowd and for welcoming our aeroponic Tower Farms systems with such enthusiasm! We will come back to Dubai to exhibit at the AgraME in March 2020!