The aeroponic  Microgreens Tower by Tower Garden:

The Microgreens Tower by Tower Garden was originally designed to grow microgreens (of course!) but is widely used to grow “petite vegetables”and wheatgrass.

Considering that every crop that has been ever tested scientifically growing on a Tower Garden shows an increase of nutrient density, people using wheatgrass therapeutically should truly consider wheatgrass grown on a Microgreens Tower by Tower Garden for its superior nutrient values and increase in anti-oxidants properties.

Our Microgreens Towers should be renamed “Strawberry Towers”! In fact, recent tests rank these towers as the only viable aeroponic tower solution to grow strawberries commercially. If you’re thinking about growing strawberries, these are the towers to do so!

Whether using  rockwool or coco coir, there is no need for a planting basket nor a clip to plant the seedlings thus facilitating the process and reducing labor.

 Like with the regular towers, the Microgreens Tower come in sections/white planting pots as follows:

– 10 Pots (80 planting ports) – 1.4 m high.
– 14 Pots (112 planting ports) – 1.8 m high.
– 18 Pots (144 planting ports) – 2.1 m high.
– 22 Pots (176 planting ports) – 2.5 m high.
– 26 Pots (208 planting ports) – 2.9 m high.

Indoors, with the LED light kit designed by Tower Garden, we advise either of the two following Microgreens Tower models:

– 10 Pots (80 planting ports)
– 14 Pots (112 planting ports)

Outdoors, the maximum height is our Microgreens Tower featuring 22 Pots (176 planting ports) – 2.5 m high.

 Within a CEA environment, in a climate controlled greenhouse, we advise using the maximum size/height : 26 Pots (208 planting ports) – 2.9 m high to optimize space.

Anyway, whether they are called ‘Microgreens Towers’ or whether they should be renamed  ‘petite vegetable towers’, ‘
wheat grass towers’ or ‘strawberry towers’, these towers are all about performance! They are perfectly complementary to our regular towers.

When buying a new Tower Farm, we advise our new customers to consider allocating a certain percentage of Microgreens Towers within the total amount of towers ordered in the initial set up of the Tower Farm.