After exhibiting at the Agrame in Dubai, at the Agritech in Qatar, and the GFIA in Abu Dhabi, earlier this year in April, we went to exhibit at The Kuwait International Agro Food. Or at least we tried… The organizers, Tafani Events & Exhibitions a.k.a. Kabir Ahmed Khan a.k.a. Bader Salem Al-Enezi a.k.a. Muktar Mirza are con artists misrepresenting the nature of the event luring companies in their scam event! The event is held in the most pathetic rundown convention center. There are no taxis available. All the companies present were sponsored Indian companies selling either basmati rice or honey. They were less than five international companies with the most deplorable booths… they should have named this event “ The Indian basmati rice Expo”! There was no other agricultural related company aside from us! We were the only ones! Tafani Events & Exhibitions had organized transportations for all the Indian exhibitors. We were left stranded without a taxi. We left after the first day. Aside from being the wrong venue, they were just very few unqualified visitors. Tafani Events & Exhibitions a.k.a. Kabir Ahmed Khan refused to compensate us for the thousands of dollars we had spent for exhibiting at this alleged agricultural and food event. We have photos and videos and documented everything written above. We have even recorded a conversation with Kabir Ahmed Khan when we confronted him with the fact that he had defrauded us by misrepresenting the event by email. In fact, he wrote to us that with our aeroponic Tower Farm systems, we were the perfect match for this alleged tradeshow. Even the sponsored Indian companies selling basmati rice and honey were complaining about the show because of the lack of visitors! They are just a bunch of thieves! This is not a real tradeshow! Shame on them! And a special shame on you Kabir Ahmed Khan! You are a disgrace and a liar! You obviously do not believe in the concept of ‘what goes around comes around’: Good luck with that! Knowing that we will never be compensated for this scam, we are only publishing this information as a courtesy to the agricultural industry. The Kuwait International Agro Food Expo is a scam!