For the last five years, we have been working with one of our customers in Paris for the development of several Tower Farms in Paris France.

Their flagship project is a Tower Farm featuring 350 towers located on a rooftop is in the city center of Paris. This project is private and not open to the public.

Featuring that many towers on a rooftop make this Tower Farm in Paris the largest rooftop Tower Farm in the world. This rooftop Tower Farm using Tower Garden aeroponic technology grows fruit and vegetables for thousands of office employees working in the building. It is truly the embodiment of urban farming and vertical farming.

 Regrettably, due to the weather in Paris, this project is only seasonal (March through October). However, there are other Tower Farms around the world operating in a greenhouse. Building a greenhouse on the top of a building is the ultimate urban space optimization strategy. However, due to building restrictions, regrettably, many buildings are not open yet to such an option. We hope that mentalities will evolve in a way that city officials will become more lenient and supportive when it comes to rooftop farming.

We need more rooftop Tower Farm projects! The world needs more rooftop Tower Farm projects! Whether growing a couple of tomato plants using Dutch buckets or regular planters filled with soil, or whether considering setting up a commercial Tower Farm, rooftops need to be reclaimed for agricultural endeavors… As it stands, rooftops are the sunniest areas in every city around the world and this is why such wasted space needs to be utilized to grow food.

For those who do not have access to a rooftop but live in a city, we advise that you start growing food using Tower Garden for home-use.