Every kind of aromatic herbs will grow well, fast, and give generous crop yields when using Tower Garden technology (whether referring to Tower Garden HOME, Tower Garden FLEX, or the commercial aeroponic towers used in a Tower Farm).

When it comes to aromatic herbs, Tower Garden technology is in a class of its own. From increased crop yields to a superior nutrient density content, and from higher levels of antioxidants and flavonoids to increased shelf-life, growing herbs on a Tower Garden is highly recommended.

When considering growing herbs on a Tower Garden, the choice of varieties can be based on commercial value considerations or personal tastes if we are talking about Tower Garden HOME.

Growing herbs also involves a weather consideration when using your Tower Garden outdoors… For example, mint likes warmer weather.

Herbs are typically seasonal when grown outdoors (such consideration is irrelevant if using the Tower Garden HOME with its LED light kit which allows to grow crops 12 months out of the year regardless of climate).

Our favorite aromatic herbs to grow are as follows:

• Cilantro
• Parsley (flat or curly leaves)
• Chives
• Mint
• Basil
• Tarragon
• Dill
• Sage
• Thyme
• Oregano

We strongly recommend all types of aromatic herbs on a Tower Garden.

Tower Garden? Some call it an aeroponic tower, others refer to it as a hydroponic tower. Regardless of terminology, Tower Garden is the ultimate technology to grow aromatic herbs.