After having set up vertical farms in 30 countries spread on 5 continents, let us share with you the main advantages of a Tower Farm aeroponic system:

1. Water saving – when growing fruits and vegetables in a Tower Farm, we save up to 95% water in comparison to conventional farming. This is definitely the perfect farming technology for places where water is scarce.

On average, a commercial aeroponic tower growing 52 plants will use about 1 to 2 gallons per day which is approximately 4 to 7 liters per day depending on crops and conditions….

2. A Tower Farm uses very little electricity – In a commercial tower farm, each tower is equipped with a low-wattage submersible pump that operates at 45 watts working intermittently 3 min on and 12 minutes off continuously, which means 4.8 hours per day.

To calculate the cost of electricity for a commercial Tower Garden, you need to multiply 45 watts x 4.8 hours = 216 watts

216 watts per day is about one dollar per month in the US, probably twice as much in Germany, and twice as less in the Middle East.

Regardless of the price of electricity, the main advantage of a low electricity footprint is that we can set up projects using green energy.. from the West Indies to Africa, we have set up tower farms 100% off-the-grid… off-the-grid farming projects are definitely my favorite!

3. Space Saving – when farming with our aeroponic towers, we save up to 80% space in comparison to conventional NFT hydroponic systems.

Space saving means a lesser investment into the greenhouse and a much lesser cost to run it. It is obvious that it is more expensive to build and run a 5000m² greenhouse than a greenhouse that would only be 1000 m²!

Space saving also translates into a reduced energy footprint!

On average, an aeroponic tower takes less than 1 m², however, we advise to allow 2 m² (approximately 20 ft.² ) per tower: this includes enough space for the towers, the dosing station, the aisle spacing, and the propagation seedling area.

Just as an example, a Tower Farm featuring 100 towers ideally should be set up in a 200 m² space (approximately 2000 ft.²), And in that space, you can harvest up to 5200 plants every three weeks… This is totally mind-boggling!

4. Nutrient density increase – on our website, we feature a scientific comparative study that addresses nutrient density, antioxidant levels, flavonoids level, and crop yield. This study compares veggies grown on aeroponic towers with crops grown in the soil through conventional farming.

It gives irrefutable scientific proof that whether referring to nutrient density, flavonoids, or antioxidants, our crop ranks between 15% to 45% higher than anything grown in the soil using conventional farming methods. Also, we average 30% crop yield increase!

We do not brag about having better and healthier vegetables but rather we prove it scientifically. Science does not lie.

5. We almost never use pesticides – Vegetables featuring an increase in nutrient density and antioxidant levels also mean vegetables which have developed a stronger natural defence mechanism which explains why we almost never have to spray pesticides… however, very occasionally, when we need to spray pesticides, we only use organic formulas mainly made from Neem oil or pyrethrin oil…

6. Versatility – Tower Farms can be set up outdoors, in a greenhouse, indoors with LED lights, or even on a rooftop! They can be set up in places where the land is not fertile or polluted. Only the Tower Farm technology powered by Tower Garden offers such options and leverage.

7. No experience is needed to start a Tower Farm – A commercial Tower Farm can be operated successfully by someone who does not have any experience in gardening or farming.

Tower Garden aeroponic system is the only technology that delivers professional results without needing previous experience within the agricultural sector.

Most Tower Farms owners have backgrounds as corporate professionals, pharmacists, lawyers, doctors, teachers etc. Very few Tower Farm operators have been involved with growing food prior to launching a Tower Farm. It is truly a technology available to anyone focused and committed.

Contrary to conventional commercial hydroponics and aquaponics, when starting an aeroponic Tower Farm, no expert is needed. It is the most intuitive and user-friendly agricultural method available for farming beginners. With Tower Garden technology, there is no such thing as “having a green thumb”! Once again, anyone focused and committed to growing vibrant fruits and vegetables can learn overnight how to run a Tower Farm system. This is true agricultural autonomy!