In this video, Mr. Troy Albright from True Garden in Arizona demonstrates how the automated irrigation system of a Tower Farm works.

Our irrigation systems have been designed to supply the water and fertilizers to each tower on an as-needed basis regardless of the amount of towers involved. A tower growing strawberries will require more water and nutrients than a tower growing parsley. Our irrigation system automates the whole process regardless of the amount of towers involved.

True Garden in Arizona is the partner Tower Farm of Agrotonomy in Spain.

A Tower Farm irrigation system entails the following:

– Container for nutrients A
– Container for nutrients B
– Gravity tank (size varies according to the amount of towers).
– Dosatron nutrition automatic dozing system (2 or 3 units depending on Tower Farm set up and the quality of the water).
– Manifolds (size varies according to Tower Farm configuration)
– Floaters for each tower
– Valves for each tower
– Modification of each tower (holes drilling to accommodate floaters and valves).
– Tubing to supply water and nutrients (size of tubing depends on the size of the Tower Farm and its configuration).

Example of an irrigation system set up outdoors: