Mama’s Farm will be the first Tower Farm using Tower Garden technology located in a residential neighborhood in Dubai.

In 2018, Agrotonomy Corp. set up its first commercial Tower Farm project in the UAE. However, such Tower Farm is situated in an industrial area and its production is only serving the hotel industry. The owners do not permit visits from the public and the data from their production is kept secret.

This is the whole difference with Mama’s farm which is nestled in the heart of a residential neighborhood. Mama’s farm will be a state-of-the-art aeroponic fully automated Tower Farm using Tower Garden®️ technology. Aside from growing veggies, aromatic herbs, fruit and flowers, Mama’s farm will give educational workshops and will get involved with the development of meaningful projects with the public sector.

Considering the versatility of a Tower Farm (and of a Tower Garden for the residential market), Mama’s Farm intends to revolutionize the food chain supply in Dubai and in the UAE, by providing autonomous water-saving agricultural eco-solutions.

Mama’s Farm will feature multiple greenhouses: they have finally broken the ground, construction has started! Finally, a true aeroponic vertical urban farm is coming to Dubai!!

Vertical farming in Dubai is just starting: Mama’s aeroponic Tower Farm will be the beacon of urban farming in the UAE!

At Agrotonomy Corp., we want to thank Dr. Sultana Sulaiman, the creator of Mama’s Farm, for her forward-thinking and visionary spirit. We are proud of our partnership Mama’s Tower Farm in Dubai.

We are looking forward to coming in person to Dubai to supervise the installation of this Tower Farm as well as to take care of on-site training. More than just a fully automated aeroponic vertical system, when we sell a Tower Farm, our revolutionary vertical farming technology comes with our ongoing support based on our expertise and the extensive experience of our team.