We provide greenhouse turnkey solutions:

We can assist you in outsourcing the best quotes from reputable greenhouse manufacturers. From the US to the Netherlands, we are connected to the most experienced greenhouse manufacturers in our line of industry. We can consult with you from greenhouse conceptualization to supervising its implementation. Although we specialize in Tower Farms/vertical farming, if your greenhouse project is meant to host various hydroponic technologies, we can help you with setting up a Tower Farm in combination with NFT top-notch gutter systems from the Netherlands. In other terms, we can consult with you partially or provide you with a full turnkey solution.

We would like to thank our partner Mr. Troy Albright from True Garden for having taken the time to write the outline of what needs to be considered when setting up a greenhouse for a Tower Farm. Aside from being a scientist, Mr. Troy Albright is the most experienced Tower Farmer growing vegetables successfully 12 months out of year in a state-of-the-art greenhouse located in an extreme desert climate. Here is what he judiciously recommends (thank you Troy!!):


There are 3 climate types that require unique greenhouse designs: Tropical or Desert Climate, Mild Climate, and Winter Climate.

Key specifications and components for ALL greenhouse projects:

• Greenhouse structure to run north to south ALWAYS.

• Tower Garden rows to run north to south ALWAYS.

• Full sun exposure and/or supplemental lighting is required for year-round production.

• High-Pressure Sodium is the most cost effective for a greenhouse farm.

• Oversized Fan and Pad evaporative cooling system.

• Cooling pad w/motorized vents on the north end, and 2 stage exhaust fans on the south.

• Thrips screen covering entire north end to minimize insect intrusion.

• Seedling propagation always on the north end near cooling pad for pest prevention.

• Always submit a water sample for hydroponic analysis to MMI Labs to determine the suitability

Additional Specifications and Components for a Tropical or Desert Climate:

For a larger Tower Farm in a CEA greenhouse:

• Gutter connect greenhouse with min. 16’ sidewall height desired

– Single layer polycarbonate on end walls, sidewalls, and top

• GE Softlight is best in class for diffusing light and cooling

– Roof vent, for additional heat bleed off

• Gable fan and motorized louver is cheaper but less effective

– Length – Do not exceed 120’ in length between fan and pad

• OPTIONAL: Fogging system as stage 2 cooling (mainly for desert, can increase greenhouse length), requires RO water and can be expensive

• High-end controller – PC based w/alarms, weather station, climate sensors.

• Concrete floor:

– White epoxy coating if possible, easier cleaning and better light diffusion.

– Engineered drawings can be provided for electrical stub up locations.

– Floor slope to be specified at ½” per 12 feet for level Tower operation.

• Fan forced, vented gas heater required for tropical climates that experience seasonal cold events.

For a small Tower Farm (economy) greenhouse:

• Usually has a double poly film covering with single layer polycarbonate end walls:

– Minimum 10’ sidewall height.

– Clear, light diffusing poly film can help reduce heat.

– On some structure types, a single layer polycarbonate is an option on sidewalls and top.

• GE Softlight is best in class product for diffusing light horizontally and cooling the structure. Will increase cost significantly.

• Shade system – traditional shadecloth can cause growing challenges in vertical farms, so minimal use of 50% Aluminet is our only recommendation.

• Individual thermostats or simple digital controller.

• Groundcover floor over gravel type base. Concrete is best if budget allows.

Fan forced, vented gas heater for climates that experience seasonal cold events.

Other considerations for planning greenhouse space: Food processing area, walk-in cooler, etc.

For further information regarding setting up your greenhouse, we advise you to hire us (Agrotonomy Corp.) as your greenhouse development project consultants.

We specialize in greenhouses for tropical and desert climates.

We also provide consultation services for green energy off-the-grid solutions allowing to set up a CEA (controlled environment agriculture) greenhouse system in remote international locations & developing countries.

We only share the name of the vendors/manufacturers we work with to individuals/business entities having retained our services as consultants.

Mr. Troy Albright reveals how True Garden’s greenhouse was built, and shows the functionality of its climate controlled environment: a true “greenhouse backstage” tour!