Agrotonomy is proud to announce that the first Tower Farm in Australia is about to become a reality!

As specialists in international Tower Farm development outside the US, Agrotonomy Corp. has set up the first Tower Farms in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Polynesia, and now, in Australia!

We will soon divulge the identity of our Australian clients… At this stage of development, we can only say that they are located in the Sydney area, and that we are speaking about a team of successful businessmen.

In partnership with Agrotonomy Corp., they will not only pioneer the aeroponic Tower Farm technology Down Under, but we will work hand-in-hand with them to conquer the Australian market nationwide from Sydney to Perth, from Brisbane to Canberra, and from Cairns to Melbourne!

We have been waiting for long time to find the right ‘Ozzie partners’ and we are extremely grateful to have sealed the deal with such a qualified team of professionals!

A full 40-foot container load is now being prepared for imminent shipment!

Stay tuned: we will keep you updated as per the upcoming inception of the first Tower Farm using Tower Garden technology in Australia.

We can’t wait to introduce our readers to our new Australian partners!

Australia: here we come!!