At Agrotonomy Corp., more than just selling Tower Farms around the world, we fly on location to supervise the installation process as well as act as consultants for greenhouse development.

In the first video featured in this article, we went to the middle of the desert in Kuwait where we set up an aeroponic Tower Farm in a fully climate-controlled greenhouse.

Although our clients use their own greenhouse builders, Agrotonomy was hired as the consultant: from the height of the sidewalls to the fan power, and from the number of cooling pads to the CO₂ regulators, we instructed our clients precisely on what to do.

As a result, when the heat reached 52°C outside during the summer of 2022, the temperature inside the greenhouse remained around 25°C with humidity levels ranging between 65%-75% depending on the time of the day and night.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our Kuwaiti customer (with whom we also entered a partnership agreement for the distribution of Tower Farms in Kuwait) for their accomplishment.

One of the big advantages of setting up a Tower Farm in a climate-controlled environment, aside from saving up to 95% water in comparison to conventional farming, is the space-saving factor.

When operating a Tower Farm, we save up to 80% space in comparison to most of the hydroponic technologies in the market.

Space-saving translates into a lesser cost when building and operating a greenhouse. It is obvious that it is much less expensive to run a 1,000 m² than a 5,000 m² climate-controlled farm.

Aside from the building and operating cost consideration, space-saving means a lesser energy footprint to grow the same amount of crops.

In the second video featured in this article, it shows a one-month growth using our aeroponic Tower Farm technology. The results speak for themselves: this is true farming autonomy in a country that imports up to 95% of all its food.

At Agrotonomy, we aim at redefining the food supply chain, one Tower Farm at a time.