For the last few months, we have been preparing a master class for anyone considering setting up a Tower Farm using Tower Garden technology.

Our Tower Farm and Tower Garden course addresses every challenge and answers all the questions about working with Tower Garden technology when setting up a Tower Farm. We call it the Aeroponic Tower Master Class!

As the worldwide leader in Tower Farm development, Agrotonomy was the first to set up commercial Tower Farms in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, Oceania, and South America. We have been involved with the majority of all significant projects in the West Indies. We have also developed many projects in the USA, as well as in Canada (we are responsible for the largest Tower Farm in Canada).

After having developed over 100 Tower Farms in 48 countries, our vast experience includes the challenges of working in various climates. Whether farming indoors with LED lights or in a climate-controlled greenhouse or farming outdoors, Agrotonomy’s team has acquired more experience than any other business entity within our industry, working with Tower Garden technology and setting up commercial Tower Farms worldwide.

The chapters of our Tower Farm course are as follows:

1. Introduction
2. Assembly
3. Irrigation
4. Nutrients
5. Water quality
6. Seedlings
7. Harvest rotation
8. Planting strategies
9. Cleaning
10. Maintenance
11. Pests & insects
12. Fungus
13. Crop specific chapters: Leafy Greens, Aromatic Herbs, Leafy Vegetables, Vegetables, Fruit etc.
14. Electricity usage
15. Solar panel setup
16. Shipping and international export/import

When considering taking a Tower Farm class and buying a course, although there might be several options offered by other Tower Farmers, wouldn’t you rather learn from the best? Wouldn’t you rather learn from Agrotonomy? Wouldn’t you rather learn from the Aeroponic Tower Master Class?

We are the leaders in Tower Farm development worldwide, and Aeroponic Tower Master Class is a sum total of our experience, shared with you in layman’s terms.

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