Agrotonomy Corp. is proud to announce the official first Tower Farm pilot projects coming soon to Africa! In the first phase of development, there will be 3 small Tower Farms in Kenya: one Tower Farm in Nairobi, the other Tower Farm in Mombasa, and a third one in an undisclosed location.

These will be the first Tower Farms not only in Kenya but also in Africa using the vertical farming aeroponic technology of Tower Garden®️.

It is now official: Tower Farms are in the process of being containerized to be shipped from our warehouse in Memphis Tennessee (USA) to Kenya.

Agrotonomy’s team will provide Tower Farm installation supervision services in person as well as on-site training. More than just a Tower Farm, our fully automated agricultural solutions come with our expertise and ongoing support.

We are overly excited with the perspective of bringing Tower Garden and Tower Farms technology to Africa.

We will keep you updated:

To be continued…..