We are proud to introduce King Tower Farm, the new Asian partners of Agrotonomy!

It is located in Laguna in the Philippines about 4 hours outside Manila in the most idyllic countryside rural setup… this vertical aeroponic Tower Farm is nestled on the shores of a lake featuring guesthouses everywhere… the owner is a fantastic person, and so are all of her partners and staff… the Tower Farm is set up in the most beautiful surroundings ever. They want to expand, and they have the land to do so. These 140 towers are to test the technology. They are using the 9 pots/ 36 plants per tower model.

It is the most significant vertical farm in Asia, and we are so proud to collaborate with this fantastic crew and contribute to their project. Mathias and Iris from Agrotonomy came on location to provide Tower Farm installation and staff training services: they took care of the final tower configurations, seedling and planting training, nutrient mixing instructions, testing each tower, etc.

It is not just the first real Tower Farm in Asia, but rather a jewel in the Tower Farm collection! They are going to grow flowers to feed their bee farm and all kind of veggies as well.

We are proud and honored to be involved in such an exciting and meaningful project.