Agrotonomy Corp. exhibited at Saudi Agriculture 2019 introducing for the first time in Saudi Arabia the fully automated aeroponic Tower Farm system using Tower Garden technology in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Agriculture 2019 was an impressive agricultural tradeshow featuring many fancy exhibitors’ stands.

We met a lot of qualified potential Tower Farm customers located everywhere in Saudi Arabia from Riyadh to Jeddah.

We do believe that our presence at Saudi Agriculture 2019 will result in the first Tower Farm pilot projects in Saudi Arabia.

In 2019, we have exhibited at agricultural trade events in Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait City, Amsterdam, and Riyadh.

When it comes to precision farming in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is the perfect country to benefit from Tower Garden vertical farming technology. Not only a Tower Farm allows to save up to 95% water in comparison to conventional farming in the soil, but it also saves 90% of the space required…

We will be back in Saudi Arabia to exhibit at the Saudi Agriculture 2020 to promote our aeroponic fully automated Tower Farm systems.

The team of Agrotonomy Corp. would like to thank the organizers of Saudi Agriculture for their professional assistance and efficiency (a big thank you to Mr. Noel Puno).

Just as a suggestion to the organizers of Saudi Agriculture, maybe next year, in 2020, there could be some possibility to scan the badge of visitors since most Saudis don’t even have a business card.

At Agrame in Dubai, the organizers of the tradeshow provide the exhibitors with a scanner allowing to scan the badge of the visitors which sends their contact info to a database for later follow-ups… In Riyadh, there was no scanner and to our “cultural surprise”, visitors rarely had a business card… we advise the organizers of Saudi Agriculture to visit AgraME in Dubai in March 2020 for inspiration!!!

 By the way, Agrotonomy Corp. will also be exhibiting at AgraME 2020 in Dubai!

In 2020, we will exhibit in March in Dubai (UAE), in June in Nairobi (Kenya), in August in Bogotá (Colombia), in October in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) and in November in Antalya (Turkey) promoting the fully automated aeroponic Tower Farm systems by Tower Garden technology.

After a busy and successful year promoting aeroponic vertical farming through the Middle East, we are more than ever committed to our presence in the MENA region.