Although Agrotonomy has sold Tower Farms in 5 continents and in over 20 countries, we have never done business with Russia as of yet.

We are currently working on an indoor Tower Farm project in Estonia. Yes, we do understand that Estonia is not Russia in spite of its Soviet history! We are only mentioning Estonia because it shares the same climate challenges as Russia.

For many years, until now, we have not given any marketing energy towards the Russian market because it is almost impossible to Tower Garden’s proprietary nutrient formula to Russia.

However, we have many customers in France, Belgium, Qatar, Australia, etc., using their own nutrients. From NPK formula, sometimes enhanced with nutrient boosters, to the water of an aquaponic farm, our customers are using successfully their own sources of soluble fertilizers.

In other terms, after seeing some of our customers farming successfully using our towers and their own nutrients, we feel now committed to the Russian market.

Tower Farm has just released a new LED light kit for commercial towers measuring 2.5 meters (44 plants per tower). This new LED light kit will allow us to set up Tower Farms in Russia from St. Petersburg to Moscow, and from Volgograd to Yekaterinburg.

The new LED light kit can also be used for the tower model using 2.1 meters (36 plants per tower).

In Russia, aside from the challenge of the nutrients that we had in the past, the problem has always been the drastic weather during the winter season and the lack of luminosity. The problem is now solved and we truly intend to pioneer Tower Garden technology in Russia in 2022.

Agrotonomy is ready: Russia here we come!