Tower Garden Strawberries | Strawberry Tower Farm

We highly recommend growing strawberries on a Tower Garden whether for personal use or for commercial purpose.

In fact, Tower Garden technology allows to grow up to 52 strawberry plants within 1 m²…. although we generally advise allocating 2 m² per tower including working space, when growing strawberries on the Tower Garden, only 1.5 m² of space allowance is required.

In our experience, growing strawberries off the ground on a Tower Garden has never required for us to spray any form of pesticide. We certainly cannot say the same for the strawberries which we grow in the soil within the scope of comparative testing.

Every kind of strawberry can be grown on a Tower Garden. The crop yield is generous and the fruits are juicy and extremely flavorful.

You can buy strawberry plugs and wash the soil off the roots before bracing them with a rubber band in a rockwool cube (before planting them into the towers)…. some leaves will turn yellow/brown in the process but new healthy leaves will start showing soon.

Agrotonomy prefers to start all our crops from seeds and produce our own seedlings. Strawberry seeds can take up to 4 to 8 weeks before starting to germinate. Strawberry seedlings for Tower Garden are usually ready to be planted into the tower within six weeks after planting the seeds on average.

Tower Garden is the only aeroponic technology which allows growing strawberries indoors or outdoors.

Aside from saving 95% water & space, growing strawberries on a Tower Garden reduces proportionally the amount of labor involved. One individual can care for 100+ commercial aeroponic towers.

Strawberries can be grown indoor 12 months out of the year using Tower Garden’s led light kit or even better, in a greenhouse.

Once again, whether you wish to grow strawberries on a Tower Garden for personal use or whether you are considering setting up a strawberry Tower Farm, due to the high yield + low maintenance + no spraying pesticides and due to the quality of the fruit itself, we encourage you to grow strawberries using Tower Garden aeroponic tower systems.