We have recently released 2 e-books related to growing crops using Tower Garden technology:

1. Getting the most out of your aeroponic tower:

This e-book is jam-packed with tips and tricks and do’s and don’ts for Tower Garden owners.

Aside from being loaded with Tower Garden educational material, it features exceptional photos and instructive videos.

No one has ever compiled such a complete publication aimed at optimizing the food growing experience on a Tower Garden.

The content of this e-book is in English.

100% of the revenue from our e-books sales is allocated to our food donation program and charity work. 

Tower Garden® and Tower Farms™ are registered trademarks of  the Juice Plus + company.

2. Vertical Farming with Aeroponics:

Agrotonomy Corp. in collaboration with True Garden has set up Tower Farms indoors and outdoors in the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, and in the Middle East.

From a fusion of our extensive knowledge and experience, “Vertical Farming with Aeroponics” has been written for those considering setting up a commercial Tower Farm using Tower Garden technology.

It covers it all: Rate options, technical specs, shipping, minimum order requirements, reseller information, water & electricity consumption, space allocation, nutrients quality & usage, labor involved, crop yield,  system installation, training, irrigation system, greenhouse specifications, recommended crops, etc.

For someone seriously interested to invest in a Tower Farm, this publication is a must-have!

The content of this e-book is in English.