Tower Farms in India (and southeast Asia).

Tower Farm technology by Tower Garden is a perfect water-saving solution to grow healthy crops in India and throughout the rest of Southeast Asia.

However, regardless of the region, due to the monsoon season and extreme temperatures in some areas, in India, we recommend to set up Tower Farms in controlled climate greenhouses.

The minimum order for India is a Tower Farm featuring at least 30 towers. No exception will be made.

The Tower Garden for personal use is not available for the asian market.

We do not send single samples to India nor to the rest of Asia.

Motivated serious potential customers are welcome to visit us at our greenhouse in Arizona in the USA or at our European location in Ibiza, Spain.

Before contacting us, we strongly recommend that you visit the Tower Farm section of our website and read the following FAQs:

FAQ #4) How much space needs to be allocated per tower?

FAQ #10) What is the average cost of a Tower Farm?

FAQ #12) Can I become a Tower Farm reseller?

Please click on the following link to access our Tower Farm FAQs (we advise you to read them all!):

After going through our commercial FAQs and after consulting our rates, please contact us and let’s discuss the scope of your project.

Our Tower Farms are shipped from the USA. We do realize that import duties are high in India but we do not give discounts to offset such abusive tariffs.

We do not get involved with local import duty considerations.

In a country like India which features a high amount of polluted farmland, and in light of water restrictions in many areas, Tower Farms are the perfect solution to produce beyond organic quality crops in India!

Fake Tower Garden Scam Alert – Beware – Watch Video:

Fake Tower Garden from China & India
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