In Germany, back in 1950, there were 1.6 million farmers. In 1990, there were only 600,000 farmers left. Now, the German farming community has been reduced to 280,000 and is still declining.

Such staggering numbers are the reflection of agricultural industrialization and animal factory farming. Industrialized farming has killed biodiversity leading to irreversible ecological problems. Even industrialized organic farming impacts the environment negatively. As German farms are disappearing, the agricultural giants are just growing bigger while abusing farmland by polluting it from over-fertilizing and spraying chemicals in the name of money.

In other terms, as a German resident, most of the food available comes from industrialized farming. Even on small regional farmers’ markets, aside from a few crops grown locally, most fruits and vegetables sold originate from industrialized farming as well.

While Germany is becoming more each day a victim of big conglomerate agricultural companies, contrastingly, it is a very progressive country when it comes to health, nutrition, and environmental issues. 

This is why Tower Garden aeroponic technology is the perfect autonomous food production system for the German community. In Germany, urban farming and vertical farming is on the rise.

Tower Garden can be used indoors or outdoors: regardless of how cold it gets in the winter, Tower Garden can thrive indoors with its clever low energy led-light-kit. For more information, click on the following link (scroll to the bottom of the page to access all the Tower Garden FAQs):

Tower Garden owners love their daily harvests: more than just a ‘revolutionary’ gardening tool, in many cases, not only Tower Garden brings an upgrade to people’s health, but it also completely changes their lifestyle!

The full complete Tower Garden system including the nutrients and the seedling kit costs €649. The led-light-kit to use the Tower Garden inside is available at the price of $279 in Germany. Prices quoted include shipping and taxes.

To order Tower Garden from Germany, please fill out your order form request by clicking on the following link: (no payment online is required).

Upon reception of your information, we will send you an invoice reflecting your total (prices vary per country). Payment will then need to be issued via bank transfer.

In Europe, Tower Garden is being shipped from our warehouse in Germany. In other terms, after ordering a Tower Garden aeroponic system for delivery in Germany, German residents receive their merchandise within 2 to 3 days.