Tower Garden is finally available in Spain:

The aeroponic towers for personal use from Tower Garden® are finally available in Europe and can be ordered through Agrotonomy.

The price for a Tower Garden in your country is as follows:

Tower Garden Spain: €659
Tower Garden Austria: €649
Tower Garden Belgium: €649
Tower Garden France: €649
Tower Garden Finland €699
Tower Garden Germany: €649
Tower Garden Italy: €659
Tower Garden Ireland: €659
Tower Garden Denmark: DKK4999
Tower Garden Luxembourg: €639
Tower Garden Poland: PLN2849
Tower Garden Netherlands: €649
Tower Garden Norway:NOK6499
Tower Garden Switzerland: CHF 899
Tower Garden Sweden: SEK6499
Tower Garden UK: ‎£ 569

The prices listed above include VAT and shipping. Orders are being shipped from Germany and take generally one-week to be processed and one week to be delivered.

If you reside in Europe but your country is not mentioned in this aforementioned list, it means that extra shipping charges may apply.

We do not accept credit cards. In order to place an order, you will need to fill out an order form indicating the quantity of each item you wish to purchase. After the reception of your order request, we will send to you an invoice reflecting your total. You will then need to issue payment via bank transfer.

The Tower Garden is delivered as a “ready to go” system. A seedling starter kit is even included! The Tower Garden for personal-use in Spain features a smaller bottom reservoir than its counterpart in the USA. Furthermore, the reservoir of the European Tower Garden is white and comes with built-in wheels for added convenience.

The Tower Garden European model can accommodate up to 20 plants. It is not available with an 8 plant extension like for the US model.

A state-of-the-art LED light kit for indoor growing is sold separately.

Now you can grow vegetables, fruits, aromatic herbs, medicinal herbs, and flowers year-round! You can set up your aeroponic tower on your balcony or in your backyard from spring to autumn and use it during the cold season indoors with a LED light kit.

Time has come to order a Tower Garden for you and your loved ones!