We are currently involved in the development of a project involving multiple Tower Farms in Peru which are meant to feed Inca communities living in high elevation in the Andes mountains

Back in September, we visited our Peruvian partners in Lima to discuss in person various full-turnkey Tower Farm options and solutions. In light of our current discussions, we hope to see these Tower Farms in Peru becoming a reality over the 6 first months of 2020. However, since this project involves government funding, due to the red-tape of the system, delays can be expected!

 From Peru, we flew to Medellin in Colombia to go to the AgroFuturo 2019 event which is supposed to be one of the most dynamic agricultural tradeshows in South America.

Of course, after having exhibited earlier in 2019 at cutting-edge tradeshows such as the AgraME in Dubai or the Greentech in Amsterdam, without bad-mouthing AgroFuturo, we were not so impressed by the overall quality of the exhibitors. With humor and a hint of sarcasm, we rebaptized the name of the show from AgroFuturo to AgroPasado! 

It did lack exhibitors featuring agricultural 4.0 state-of-the-art technologies. The exhibitors’ booths were somehow amateurish while nothing truly exciting was offered to visitors…

However, from a potential business perspective, AgroFuturo did seem to be a viable venue for Agrotonomy Corp. to introduce the fully automated aeroponic Tower Farm systems by Tower Garden technology. There were many visitors present at AgroFuturo and exhibitors’ stands seemed to be busy.

 In 2019, AgroFuturo was featured in Medellin, Colombia. 

Just on a footnote, we were overly impressed by how Medellin became a wonderful cosmopolitan forward-thinking city. Due to its perfect climate and its urban configuration, Medellin is the ideal city to benefit from Tower Garden aeroponic vertical farming technology. From balconies to rooftops, and from backyards to patios, Medellin offers the optimum conditions for urban farming: our fully automated Tower Farms (minimum 30 towers) will thrive in this privileged climate which is justly referred to as to be the ‘the eternal spring’!

Next year, in 2020, AgroFuturo will take place in Bogotá and we hope to exhibit there for the first time in South America introducing our fully automated aeroponic Tower Farm systems.  

Also, we are now involved working with a nonprofit organization by the name of Towers Without Borders which is a charity that delivers full turnkey Tower Farms for communities in need. Towers Without Borders is currently conceptualizing a Tower Farm project in Medellin which will be an additional reason for us to visit again this wonderful city!!