Currently, the Tower Garden for home-use can only be purchased in the USA, in Canada, and 16 selected European countries.

However, from Mexico to Panama, and from Costa Rica to Chile, our fully automated aeroponic Tower Farms are available (minimum 10 towers):

Tower Farms are being shipped directly from the US as fully automated systems including the irrigation and the dozing equipment which delivers the water and nutrients automatically to each tower on an as-needed basis. A tower used to grow parsley requires less water and nutrients than a tower used for tomatoes. Our irrigation system delivers the right amount of water and nutrients to each tower according to its individual needs.

Tower Garden is the perfect agricultural technology for Mexico because of its desert climate and water shortages. However, Tower Garden technology is also perfectly suited for vertical aeroponic urban farms like in Panama City or Mexico City for example.

In Mexico, aside from areas suffering from water restrictions, a large percentage of the farmland has been polluted by unconscious farming practices.

This is why Tower Garden versatile aeroponic technology is a great solution not only for Mexico, but for Central America and South America as well: 95% water saving and 75% space-saving in comparison to conventional soil farming!

At Agrotonomy Corp., we can communicate in Spanish. Whether a customer is located in Mexico or Peru, regardless of location, we offer on-site services for Tower Farm assembly and staff training (in Spanish).

We have set up Tower Farms on four continents and have supervised Tower Farm installations and performed on-site staff training worldwide.

Agrotonomy Corp. is a certified Tower Garden technology reseller in the following Spanish-speaking countries:

Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Although Agrotonomy is a US-based corporation, years ago, we set up a Tower Farm in Spain, on the island of Ibiza. It was then the first Tower Farm using Tower Garden technology outside the USA. We have pioneered international foreign markets since then and set up Tower Farms on 4 continents.

When buying Tower Garden technology through Agrotonomy, more than just an aeroponic tower system, we provide ongoing customer support and share our expertise with our customers.

By the way, Agrotonomy Corp. supports Towers Without Borders, an NGO specialized in setting up aeroponic Tower Farms (using Tower Garden technology) for orphanages worldwide. Speaking about Spanish speaking countries, Towers Without Borders is currently involved in setting up a Tower Farm for an orphanage in Mexico and for another in Colombia.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your Tower Garden needs!

We hope that in the future, the Tower Garden for home-use will be available in Mexico and in other countries from Central America to South America. We will keep you informed.