Tower Garden is the perfect match to a vertical garden concept. It allows to grow crops on a balcony, in a backyard, on a rooftop, and indoors using Tower Garden’s cutting-edge LED light kit.

Tower Garden is the only system allowing to grow from 20 to 52 plants in one square meter! Of course, when referring to vertical gardens, there are many other the decorative options, such as plant murals and other vertical plant arrangements… however, whether as a Tower Farm featuring only aeroponic towers or as a complement to a vertical garden, Tower Garden technology provides highly customizable versatile solutions.

For a vertical farm or for a vertical garden, Tower Garden technology is unequaled in terms of crop yield per square foot.

Aside from being able to grow fruits, vegetables, and aromatic herbs, Tower Garden can be used for growing flowers whether edible or decorative. Aeroponic towers filled with flowers are not only spectacular but they are also bee magnets!

Tower Garden technology allows vertical gardening and vertical farming at its best: 90% space-saving, 95% water-saving, 100% beyond organic and 1000% spectacular!

Urban farms need to optimize space and utilize all vertical farming options available. We feature Tower Farms worldwide operating successfully in all climates (including extreme climates hot and cold) growing a wide variety of crops.

Agrotonomy provides aeroponic tower solutions whether for personal use (USA, Canada and Europe) or commercial applications (worldwide).

Due to space constraints in the agricultural and gardening sectors, Tower Garden technology positions itself as the leader when it comes to grow vegetables, aromatic herbs and strawberries!

However, once again, for those considering vertical gardening and urban farming from a decorative perspective, growing flowers using Tower Garden aeroponic technology produces dazzling results!

A vertical garden or a vertical farm without aeroponic towers by Tower Garden is not complete!