Tower Garden is available in the UK. Whether ordering your Tower Garden from England, Wales, or Scotland, the cost of the fully inclusive Tower Garden aeroponic system is £569.
However, should you wish to order the led-light-kit for indoor growing, it will cost an extra £249 (the aforementioned quoted rates include taxes and shipping).

There is no minimum order for the Tower Garden in the UK.

Tower Garden®️Growing Kit Includes:

1 EU Tower Garden Unit
1 Growing Kit (Rockwool, Vermiculite, 20 netpots)
1 Pump
1 pH Test Kit
1 pH set up & down
1 Mineral Blend Set A & B 250 ml
1 Seed kit
1 Manual
1 Timer

For more information regarding Tower Garden residential model for home-use, please visit the Tower Garden section of our website:

To order Tower Garden from the UK, fill out the order form request by clicking on the following link: (no payment online is required).

Upon reception of your information, we will send to you an invoice reflecting your total .

Payment will then need to be issued via bank transfer.

Your Tower Garden equipment will be shipped via DHL express from our warehouse in Germany. It usually takes five business days for the merchandise to reach destination from the date of payment.

You may count on our ongoing support throughout all your tower gardening endeavors!

Whether you are located in England, Wales or Scotland, as a Tower Garden consultant and as a Tower Garden & Tower Farms certified reseller, we are seriously committed to vertical gardening and urban farming in the UK.

Agrotonomy Corp. can also help to conceptualize and develop fully automated Tower Farm systems in the UK (minimum 10 towers): urban farms, restaurants, hotels, building lobbies and atriums, schools and universities, retirement centers, conference centers, rooftops, backyards etc.

Tower Farms are being shipped directly from the US as fully automated systems including the irrigation and the dozing equipment which delivers the water and nutrients automatically to each tower on an as-needed basis.

Agrotonomy Corp. is has set up the first Tower Farms in Europe, in the Middle East, in Asia, and in Africa (we will be setting up the first Tower Farm in South America in 2020).