In the world of urban agriculture, Tower Garden technology is ideally suited for urban farming and urban gardening.

Whether involved in a commercial urban farm project or whether you only have access to a balcony or a rooftop, our aeroponic towers will produce results beyond your expectations.

Tower Garden is perfect for urban farms and urban gardens: saving 95% of water & space while producing highly nutritive crops without the use of pesticides! This is urban agriculture at its best!

Aside from growing hundreds of varieties of vegetables, fruits, aromatic &  medicinal herbs, Tower Garden aeroponic systems can be used to produce a wide range of flowers whether edible or decorative. An aeroponic tower loaded with flowers is not only spectacular, but it is also a bee magnet! We encourage every urban farmer and urban gardener using Tower Garden technology to plant flowers!

Agrotonomy mainly grows edible flowers (Nasturtium, Bluets, cosmos, etc.) but we also beneficial herbs and flowers. Of course, we love to see a tower full of flowers; however, our favorite planting approach is to mix-and-match flowers, vegetables, and fruits strategically.

 Tower Garden is modular in size allowing to adapt to height constraints while delivering optimum results based on the space allocated. Urban farmers & urban gardeners can use their aeroponic towers indoors and outdoors! Tower Garden aeroponic systems are powered by the only aeroponic technology which can be used outdoors for a personal or commercial purpose.

The residential model of Tower Garden for personal use can also be used indoors with a state-of-the-art LED grow light kit (perfect for office environment/building lobbies/atriums etc.).

Promoting urban agriculture is a work contribution to reinventing the food supply chain granting businesses and individuals viable autonomous solutions.

Tower Garden technology embodies perfectly the spirit of urban farming and urban gardening!

Be part of the urban agriculture revolution: get yourself a Tower Garden or start a local Tower Farm in your neighborhood!!!