On November 8, 2019, Agrotonomy Tower Farms announced the first Tower Farm in Africa coming soon to Kenya!

After quite a few hurdles related to the intricate process of exporting to Kenya, and in spite of COVID-19, a pilot Tower Farm using Tower Garden technology is now thriving in Africa.

This is a private Tower Farm (not open to the public) set up in Nairobi, Kenya. The same team of exceptional individuals who have pioneered this vertical aeroponic farming technology in Africa, are now setting up a pilot Tower Farm in the Masai Mara.

Many residents of the Masai Mara have to walk several kilometers daily just to fetch some water. Needless to say, such scarcity of water eliminates most agricultural options leading to malnourishment of these communities.

Considering that Tower Garden aeroponic technology used in a Tower Farm saves up to 95% water in comparison to conventional soil-farming, it is the perfect food-growing system not only for the Masai Mara but for Africa in general.

When looking at the photos which we just received from our clients in Kenya, we are proud to see their crops thriving in Nairobi, so close to the equator.

On a footnote, Agrotonomy Tower Farms is now also involved in an upcoming vertical farm project in Botswana.

From South Africa to Nigeria, and from Morocco to Ghana, our goal is to develop water-saving agricultural solutions ‘one tower at a time’!

Being part of improving the food security in Africa is not only our mission, but also, it is our passion!

Stay tuned for an update on the Masai Mara project!