Back in March 2022, Agrotonomy’s Team went to Saudi Arabia to supervise the installation and launching of a Tower Farm.

In the initial video featured below, we went to the middle of the desert in Saudi Arabia where we set up an aeroponic Tower Farm in a fully climate-controlled greenhouse located on a beautiful farming compound.

The goal when setting up a climate-controlled greenhouse is to ensure that temperatures between 21°C and 26°C with humidity levels around 65%-70% (when growing leafy greens and aromatic herbs).

One of the well-known advantages of setting up a Tower Farm in a climate-controlled environment, aside from saving up to 95% water in comparison to conventional farming, is the space-saving benefits.

When operating a Tower Farm, we save up to 80% space in comparison to most of the hydroponic technologies in the market.

Space-saving translates into a lesser cost when building and operating a greenhouse. It is obvious that it is much less expensive to run a 1,000 m² than a 5,000 m² climate-controlled farm.

Aside from the building and operating cost consideration, space-saving means a lesser energy footprint to grow the same amount of crops.

The last video featured in this article shows a one-month growth using our aeroponic Tower Farm technology. The results speak for themselves: this is true farming autonomy in a country that imports up to 80% or more of its food.

In a country like Saudi Arabia which has only 1% arable land, a Tower Farm embodies the perfect modern agriculture solution in terms of saving water, saving space, and high-nutrient density crops, as well as the fact that no previous agriculture-related experience is required to operate a Tower Farm.

At Agrotonomy, we aim at contributing to redefining the food supply chain, one Tower Farm at a time.