Since commercial vertical farming started about 20 years ago, the technology has been invariably based on stacked-up trays artificially lit with low energy LED lights. Whether talking about a pioneer company like Aerofarms, which is using its own proprietary patented aeroponic technology, or whether we are talking about the thousands of mom and pops’ small vertical farms operating out of their garage or small warehouses, in all cases, the vertical farming concept remains the same: stacked up trays, led light, controlled environment, precision crop yield optimization, reduction/elimination of pesticides, water savings…

However, the downside common denominator between all vertical farming operations is the limited varieties of crops which can grow under such condition. In fact, vertical farming based on stacked-up trays is mainly geared towards producing micro-greens, baby-leafy-greens and aromatic herbs… furthermore, it is limited to indoors and usually requires high investments in terms of equipment and CEA set up.

Since its inception on the market about 12 years ago, Tower Farms operating with Tower Garden technology have revolutionized the concept of vertical farming by adding versatility to such farming strategy. Our aeroponic towers can operate indoors with artificial grow lights or with the natural light of a greenhouse, furthermore, Tower Garden represents the only option for vertical farming outdoors for commercial or residential purpose. Aside from leafy greens and aromatic herbs, Tower Farms is the only vertical farming option to grow fruiting vegetables and fruits (melons, watermelons, goose berries and strawberries)

Tower Farms by Tower Garden is also a fully automated vertical farming solution. We use an irrigation and nutrient distribution system which delivers the water and the fertilizers on an as-needed basis: a tower growing tomatoes will require more water and nutrients than a tower growing parsley!

Tower Farms automated vertical farming systems are affordable nor do they require expensive real estate and computerized system to operate successfully. No previous vertical farming experience is required: training is minimal and very straightforward.

From the rooftop of a skyscraper to the cafeteria of a university/school, and from a greenhouse in the middle of the desert to an outdoor Tower Farm in a tropical climate, in the world of vertical farming, a Tower Farm is the most versatile option available.

At Agrotonomy Corp., amongst the great vertical farming project which we are currently developing, aside from regular commercial Tower Farm projects, we are in the process of developing Tower Farms to be featured in greenhouses at 13,000+ feet elevation to feed Inca communities in Peru, but we are also involved in vertical farming projects for Masai tribes in Africa, aside from negotiating the rights to set up Tower Farms in refugee camps. Tower Farms using Tower Garden technology is the only vertical farming option available to bring food solutions regardless of conditions.

Vertical farming is the solution to sustain the needs of the ever-growing world population: If we can feed 58 billion land animals per year, why can’t we feed 8 billions humans?

At Agrotonomy Corp., we are proud to be the ambassadors of Tower Farms vertical farming solutions worldwide: we were the first to set up aeroponic Tower Farms in Europe, in Asia, and the Middle East, in Africa, and soon, in South America!

Bringing eco-friendly high-crop-yield vertical farming to worldwide communities is our passion! Contributing to reinvent the food chain supply through autonomous vertical farming solutions is our mission!