In the Middle East, the concept of vertical farming has seen considerable advancement over the past decade. Given the region’s harsh environmental conditions, characterized by extreme temperatures and barren soil lacking vital nutrients, vertical farming has emerged as a vital solution for offsetting reliance on imported food.

Sadly, the financial viability of numerous vertical farming ventures has been called into question due to the heavy capital expenditure involved. The high-tech urban and vertical farming sectors present advanced agricultural technologies, akin to ‘agricultural spaceships’, which often prove to be excessive. These are not only surplus to a requirement from a technical perspective but also represent an unnecessary financial burden.

We, at Agrotonomy, acknowledge and appreciate the creative brilliance of the engineers and machinists behind these projects, as well as the exceptional IT personnel working behind the scenes.

However, most of these vertical farming endeavors have failed to meet their expected quality and yield targets. What’s more, these highly sophisticated vertical farms often encounter limitations in the diversity of fruits and vegetables they can cultivate, typically restricted to small sizes, such as micro and baby greens.

In this context, the Tower Garden HOME and the Tower Garden FLEX domestic models, as well as commercial Tower Farms, stand out as reliable, accessible, and low-tech alternatives.

Notably, compared to other vertical farming solutions, Tower Garden technology demands a considerably smaller investment and doesn’t necessitate prior farming or gardening expertise. For more details, we recommend a blog article on our website titled ‘Tower Farms: No Previous Farming Experience Required!‘.

Tower Garden technology uses 95% less water compared to traditional farming methods and saves up to 75% space compared to standard horizontal NFT hydroponic systems. Given the harsh climate in the Middle East, all agricultural initiatives need to be housed indoors, either in a building with LED lights or in a greenhouse. Hence, the space efficiency of Tower Garden technology is a key factor in maximizing the crop yield per square meter.

Agrotonomy has been at the forefront of developing several aeroponic vertical farming initiatives in Middle Eastern countries such as Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE. Furthermore, we’re dedicated to establishing new Tower Farms in Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, and Turkey.

Aeroponic tower models for home-use like the Tower Garden HOME and the Tower Garden FLEX will be available in the UAE in late August 2023.