Discover the agricultural landscape of the future, where cutting-edge technology and environmentally responsible farming practices coexist. Come along with us as we travel to the very center of the Philippines to experience the incredible work that Angie, the proprietor of King Tower Farm, has accomplished.

King Tower Farm is a magnificent example of farming in a way that is kind to the environment. Angie has developed a farming utopia that consists of a state-of-the-art greenhouse that is equipped with climate control and houses hundreds of aeroponic towers. This greenhouse produces a wide variety of crops that are cultivated in a sustainable manner throughout the entire year. Our revolutionary aeroponic technology consumes an amazing 95% less water and 90% less area than conventional farming techniques.

Angie’s vertical farm, which is a monument to her unwavering commitment to sustainable agriculture, can be found in an environment with a tropical climate. She gets the water for her plants from a nearby lake, and she makes sure that every last drop of this valuable liquid is used to nourish her plants. She overcame the unpredictability of the weather conditions, and as a result, she has established a new standard for farmers working in tropical regions. She has shown how to reinvent the food supply chain so that there are no disruptions in the growing cycles of tropical farmers.

Not only is Angie a pioneer in the field of agriculture, but she is also a passionate fan of supercars. Her farm is helping pave the path in southeast Asia for a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future by supplying her hotel chain and other businesses with locally grown produce from her farm. Her forward-thinking method of farming has caused a ripple effect that extends beyond the realm of environmental protection, resulting in a beneficial effect on the community at large.

We consider it an honor to be able to observe the inventiveness and tireless effort that has gone into King Tower Farm, and we are eager to learn what the future has in store for this innovative business endeavor. We have high hopes that other farmers will follow Angie’s example, embrace sustainable agricultural practices, and work toward the creation of a food system that is more equitable and sustainable for everyone.