A few weeks ago, the team of Agrotonomy welcomed Alessandro Vitale, also known as “ Spicy Moustache” .

Alessandro is an avid urban farmer located in London who focuses on a zero-waste approach. As a successful content creator under the pseudonym Spicy Moustache, whether on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, he has created social media accounts featuring millions of enthusiastic followers (including every single member of Agrotonomy’s team!).

He is a true influencer in the raw sense of the term! People love him and love his work!

As we spent a week with him and his beautiful fiancée, we were surprised to see how famous Alessandro truly is when in public: Whether in a restaurant, at a party, or at the beach, his fame truly shows how much people enjoy his work!

His online channels aim to create digestible content in the most authentic way, allowing his followers to do the same at home.

From urban farming to homemade remedies, and succulent recipes to zero-waste advice, we want to salute Spicy Moustache for his work and dedication!

Spicy Moustache is the embodiment of sustainability, ‘walking the walk’ daily for a better world!

We were honored to have him visit our Aeroponic Tower Farm and we are looking forward to spending more time with Spicy Moustache in the near future!

Check Out Spicy Moustache’s Social Media Accounts: