Africa’s agriculture could greatly benefit from aeroponic Tower Farms, a type of vertical farming.

Tower Farms can aid in enhancing food security, establishing sustainable livelihoods, and addressing the environmental issues that African farmers face by making the most of available space, preserving water, and boosting crop yields.

The vertical aspect of Tower Farms, which enables the production of crops in a more compact area, is one of its most important features. This is especially helpful in Africa, where there is a lack of arable land and pressure from population expansion on food supply. Tower Farms are able to produce more food without requiring a lot of land since they may be erected in urban and peri-urban regions, on rooftops, or even in empty lots. In metropolitan locations where access to fresh produce might be difficult, this can help solve issues with food security and malnutrition.

Water conservation is yet another important benefit of Tower Farms. Water conservation is essential for successful agriculture in Africa because the continent is prone to drought and water scarcity. Tower Farms use a hydroponic technique, which involves growing crops in nutrient-rich water solution as opposed to soil. This approach utilizes up to 95% less water than conventional farming techniques. The closed-loop technology at Tower Farms also allows for continuous water circulation and reuse. This makes sure that, even during droughts, crops have a steady supply of water and that no water is wasted.

Tower Farms powered by Tower Garden aeroponic technology are simple to operate and do not require previous farming experience. This is a very important advantage since in Africa, it is very difficult to outsource qualified agronomists and horticulturists.

Anyone can start a Tower Farm and become an expert within a few days/weeks. This makes Tower Farm’s aeroponic patented technology one of the most autonomous farming system in the world. Once again, no previous farming nor gardening experience is required.

From Morocco to South Africa, and from Tanzania to Senegal, we are committed to contribute to changing the food supply chain in Africa, one Tower Farm project at the time!

Agrotonomy Corporation has set up the first Tower Farms using Tower Garden technology in Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Oceania… Aside from that, we have set up Tower Farms in the USA, Canada, and on multiple islands in the West Indies.

We invite you to view the following videos published on our Instagram showing projects from Cape Verde to Kenya.