Recently, we visited the first vertical farm using aeroponic towers in Italy, located in the province of Bergamo in the Lombardy region.

This small aeroponic farm was set up by our partners known as Easy Peasy, where they have 50 aeroponic towers in a greenhouse with a total planting capacity of 3,800 plants.

Besides the fact that they can save more than 95% water usage compared to conventional farming, they use their freshly harvested aeroponic crops to provide a true farm-to-table experience within their farm-stay known as Casa Clelia.

Casa Clelia is a 1000-year-old building being used as an Agroturismo, also known as Agriturismo in Italy and Spain. An Agroturismo is an agricultural-related business that has been converted into hotel-like amenities to welcome guests.

At Casa Clelia, guests get a full experience of Italian history while enjoying the incredible cooking of their fabulous chef.

We are proud to contribute to the quality of the cooked produce in Casa Clelia’s restaurant.

Hotels and restaurants benefit significantly from our Tower Farm technology by offering freshly grown fruits and vegetables year-round.

Although we have sold many Tower Garden for home-use in Italy, due to an obvious language barrier with the Italian market, it took us longer than expected to set up our first commercial Tower Farm. However, through our partners in Italy, we are now able to respond to commercial inquiries in Italian.

For inquiries from Italy related to the Tower Garden for the residential market, please click on the following link (our website has been translated into Italian for your convenience):

For commercial inquiries, please write to: [email protected]

Of course, from north to south, the climate is very different in Italy. It is obvious that in the north, when comes winter, Tower Garden technology must be used with the help of led lights or featured in a climate-controlled greenhouse. In the south, we have more possibilities to set up Tower Garden for home-use and Tower Farms for commercial purposes outdoors (year-round).

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our Italian partners at Casa Clelia not only for their multiple agricultural activities and for having set up the first Tower farm in Italy, but also for running such a top-notch Agroturismo blessed by history and lots of attention to details.

Casa Clelia doesn’t only have one of the best restaurants in Italy, but they also make the best jam preserves we have ever tasted!

From raising their own animals (the organic way) to growing all their vegetables, Casa Clelia is the embodiment of farm-to-table experience.